Floßfahrt 2013

Das Lied "Floß" von Jurij Loza auf Russisch
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Text des Liedes "Floß" auf Englisch


On a little raft, away,
Through rainstorms, gales and blizzards,
With reverie and visions,
And with a childish dream,
Unnoticed will I sail,
Once night creeps in the house,
To sate with rhythm and rhymes
The realm of fancy I live in.

Though there are
Hardships awaiting my raft:
Sadness and former faults load
Hamper my trip afloat,
Still my raft,
Weaved out of verses and songs,
Standing against all the wrongs,
Doesn’t look all that bad.

I am not shunning those,
Who prophesied me troubles.
They’re more at ease a-snuggle,
Back, on a solid shore.
They cannot understand
What’s driven me so sudden,
What’s spurred my trip afar and
What’ll assuage me after all.


Ties with the gone I’ll break
And come whatever luck be.
From mediocre humdrum,
Unnoticed will I sail
On a little raft, away,
Once night creeps in the house.
A world full of brand new colors
Then, it may be, I will gain.